“Make good art.” Neil Gaiman, 2012

My art practice examines the journey of humans experiencing the tension between the sacred and the profane.  I explore this tension through a variety of social and personal iconography.

The social iconography, such as halos, map symbols, and gold leaf, provide entry points to act as landmarks for the viewer’s understanding. The act of bringing photographic elements into a printmaking process that began five hundred years ago, then hybridizing them with traditional mark making illustrates the balancing act of modern secularist thought and traditional spiritual belief.

The personal iconography represents the events, ideas, and perspectives influencing my spiritual identity. There remains a limited capacity to communicate between individuals the nuances of the sacred. The ambiguity of the personal symbols indicates this limited capacity of the communication between myself and viewer. I depict my own inadequacy at comprehending the complexity of others and the divine in the voyeuristic perspectives of vulnerable backs.